Friday, 29 January 2016

Loreal Paris Infallible Fixing Mist Review. | NEW AT THE DRUGSTORE.

Hey guys! Today I'm going to show you this awesome new product you can get at your local drugstore and its this L'OREAL INFALLIBLE FIXING MIST for £7.99 here. For that price you get a 100ml spray bottle which you spray onto your face of makeup and it claims to fix it in place and extend its wear.

 One thing I like about the packaging is how simple it is, and how its slightly see through so you can see how much product you have left, many fixing sprays have very opaque bottles and that very annoys me so for me this is a great plus!
 I like how the back displays all the instructions needed so you know exactly how to use it. I also love how it fits in the hand really nice. The spray bottle itself is easy to use, I wouldn't recommend pushing the sprayer all the way down or a big pump of liquid will squirt out, I've found that half pumps give the best mist-like effect for me.
 The product itself is completely clear if applied properly, I found if I sprayed too close a milky white resedue would be left all over the face so BEWARE! DO NOT spray it too close or directly onto clothes or it will leave a chalky white residue which is really hard to get off without ruining your makeup.
 The product dries SO quickly I was really impressed and I found the whole application process quite refreshing on the skin. It leaves your skin feeling SO SMOOTH, and also left my skin looking almost airbrushed. It didn't settle anywhere and it didn't dry really hard on my face.
ALL in all I LOVE this product. I can't go a day without it now! My make-up lasts ALL day even in bad weather and it looks flawless and smooth all day. Easy application once you get used to it and nifty bottle. Highly recommend! 

Buy the L'oreal fixing mist here.

See you guys next week with another post! Love Annie :-) xx

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Manicure of the week!

Hey guys! Today I'm going to share with you what's on my nails today!! I fancied something cool toned and metallic and I came up with this!
Maybelline Super Stay 7 Forever Strong Nail Polish in Crystal Clear £4.49 here.
Maybelline Super Stay 7 Forever Strong Nail Polish in White £4.49 here.
Ciate Mini in Fit for a Queen, full size £9.00 here.
First thing I did was apply the clear coat as a base I LOVE this product so cheap and cheerful, I find it#s a better base than top coat. THEN I applied only two coats of the white onto all nails except my ring finger. I applied two coats of the Ciate mini and painted 90% of the index finger leaving a bit of a white rim, this style is really in fashion at the moment! I then applied the clear on top again and there we have it! The finished product!

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

New at the drugstore: Maybelline Color Tattoo Creamy Mattes!

Hi guys! Another exciting post today and that is something NEW in the drugstore/highstreet! Yaay! I love it when new things come into Superdrug I just have to try them! Here are two colour tattoos from Maybelline's new CREAMY MATTES range, I'll link the whole range here.
I LOVE the colour/color tattoo range at Maybelline it's been around for a while and they just keep adding and switching the colour, but keeping the amazing long lasting formula. They make an amazing eye base or as a single eyeshadow.
The two shades I am going to show to you today are:

Creme de Rose 91 £4.99 here
and Creme de Nude 93 £4.99 here

Both products are SO creamy as promised, and although their not the most vibrant of colours, that's what makes them the perfect bases for every day eye makeup. Don't expect big bold bright eyeshadow with these, pick one of the other colour tattoos, but they are the PERFECT fleshy tones for your neutral eyes, or just to even out your base.

 As you can see both are so similar but so different! After trying both out I can happily say that these definitely extend my eyshadow wear to all day. They even out the lids and stop things from melting off or creasing, all in all a highly recommended product!
Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Any questions do comment below, and I shall see you all very soon! Love Annie:) xx

Friday, 15 January 2016

Zoella Awesome Drawersome Review

Hi guyyys! Today I am going to show you something reaaallly exciting and that is my Zoella Beauty Drawers! They came out with her second line of her original range at Superdrug and they have been deemed very popular! There's nothing quite like it out on the high street today and so it's really cool to have something different and unique. You can pick up the drawers at Superdrug, for some reason I can't seem to spot them online any more?? But I have seen some in store so I highly recommend you get your hands on it while you can! You can however grab a couple of the items included in the drawers singularly in stores too and I'll link them along with their photos below.


SO here is the box!

The box itself is HUGE really good size, comes with a cardboard band around it and plastic to cover the shelves. I love the packaging and how its all designed so pretty and girly. Each drawer is opened by pulling on the ribbons attached.
Once you take the cardboard off the box looks like this...
Each drawer is opened individually and is full of amazing goodies! These are the contents:

 In here we have a beautiful flower lilly which is great to use with shower gel to really scrub at the skin... and this make-up purse which is the perfect size for your handbag!
Neither of these products can be purchased individually, you can buy a Zoella Beauty shower lilly from feelunique for £3 here but it has a slightly different design.


 Here we have a smaller 100ml bottle of the infamous Creamy Madly Dreamy (£5.00) which is already sold separately but in a 160ml bottle. I love the packaging and I also love the texture of this moisturiser, its very light and has the nicest fragrance. This is great if you want to just slap something on and the squeezy tube makes it easier.

Here we have something really cool and new and that is her Butter Me Up Body butter and its 100ml. This is a completely new product from Zoe and the pot for it is beautiful! You get a lot of product and the butter itself smells wonderful! Its thick and creamy but doest irritate the skin, this would be fantastic for when you want to pamper your skin or when your body feels a little dry in these winter months. You cannot currently buy this product separately.

This last drawer is chocker block full of goodies including an 100ml shower gel called Flowers and Showers. It lathers up so well and makes you feel so fresh and lovely. The next item is a bath soak & shower cream, also 100ml which is called Soak Opera! You can actually purchase this but not in a tube its in a big 490ml bottle for £5.00 which I think is incredible value fore money, so if you did like this small travel size then you could always go out and repurchase the bottle. It can be applied straight to the skin or poured under warm running water to soften the skin and leave you smelling all fragrant! The last two products are so exciting because they are fizz bars! You can actually get two uses out of each or you could drop the whole thing in for an extra fizzy experience! I've heard amazing things about these I can't wait to try them.

SO there are the really cool bits inside the Zoella Awesome Drawersome! I really hope you enjoyed it feel free to ask any questions below! Remember you can check out the Zoella collection instore at Superdrug or online here. See you soon! Love Annie :) xx

Monday, 11 January 2016

Sleek Make-up Gift Box Review!

Hi everyone! Hope everyone ok! Back over Christmas Sleek make-up brought out a couple of goodie boxes which included a variety of sleek products, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a box and I can't wait to show and review all the bits that were included. I love sleek and always I will, each of these products can be bought individually or if you keep your eyes peeled they also have some boxes. So here's what I got!

SO this is what the box looked like and it included four amazing goodies! This was the smaller box in the collection there was a bigger one too but I went for this one because I liked the look of the products.

PRODUCT 1. || i-Divine Palette in SUNSET 568 | £7.99 BUY HERE.

Here is my personal favourite from the box, I LOVE these palettes you have no idea how amazing they are in terms of packaging (slim, handy, amazing mirror!) and pigmentation (buttery, bright, great selection). The price of these blow me away I couldn't recommend this enough I haven't been able to put it down since I got it, and have been reaching for it over my higher end palettes!
Check out the selection of Sleek i-Divine Palettes at Superdrug here.

PRODUCT 2. || Gloss me Lip Gloss in Phoenix Rising | £4.99 BUY HERE
You can't go wrong with a lip gloss, and firstly I love the packaging! Really sleek matte lid and clear tube, and a really easy applicator, I hate it when the gloss is good but the applicator isnt so I was very happy to see that. The colour of the gloss is beautiful, it is deep and quite out there I will say that but I found it very build-able. It had a lot of shimmer in it, but it didn't dry patchy or have any clumps of glitter which is a bonus! I personally found it quite tricky to apply because of the formula and would actually choose to wear this over a lipstick rather than its own just because I think that is where it would look best.
Shop the whole range of sleek lipglosses here.

PRODUCT 3. || Eye and Cheek Palette in See you at Midnight 028 | £9.99 BUY HERE

Here was a product I was SO excited about, a palette which includes both eyeshadow and blusher! 
It includes: Antique Blush, Pomegranate Blush, and four eyeshadows from the Vintage Romance i-Divine palette.
All in all I think this is a great buy especially if your one who travells and doesn't want to carry much. Great size and handy sized mirror, only flips open 90 degrees though which can be a bit strange. It comes with two little applicators which aren't terrible and the pigmentation of the products are once again incredible. I particularly love the golden eye shadow, I found it doesn't crease if applied on a good base and is a great all over lid colour.
Shop the whole range of eye and cheek palettes here.

PRODUCT 4. || Blush in Antique | £4.99 here.

 The last product in the box was this blush which is actually the same blush that came in the eye and cheek palette above. Personally I love sleek blushers for their dinky packaging and highly pigmented formulas. I would describe this as a pinky brown with a tonne of glitter! Quite subtle but vertainly buildable, really excited to use this.
Shop the whole range of Sleek Blushers here.

SO all in all really happy with the box, I hope you guys like it too! If you have any questions, please leave them below id be happy to answer any, and until next time I hope you have a nice week. Love Annie:) xx