Friday, 4 March 2016

Maybelline Master Sculpt Review.

Hi guys! Happy Friday to you all, today I have a very cool product to review for you guys, and that is the Maybelline Master Sculpt Contour and Highlight Kit. It retails for only £6.99 here and is available in two shades.
The idea of it is that you have contouring made easy with the contour, a highlight, a mirror and a brush all in one kit which I personally think is genius, especially at that price!
 Personally I love the packaging its so clean and simple they've really nailed it on the head it terms of that with this product. I also love how they engraved into the product SCULPT and HIGHLIGHT which I think is a great touch to help the contouring newbies out there!
 The pan is seperated into two, personally I would of preferred a 50/50 of each but I know many women like to contour more over highlight so I understand why this was done. Below the pan is a flip up mirror and the brush!
The mirror is a great size and the brush believe it or not is fantastic! I think this will be perfect for all the general women who don't have a massive brush collection, this is a really great brush one of the best in product brushes I've seen at the drugstore. I love the shape its perfect for both contour and highlight and it all fits so nicely in the kit.
I cannot fault the formula of these products, I am super picky with my contours but this one is really ashy not at all orange which is perfect for the fairer skins like my own. It creates the perfect shadow. The highlight is also gorgeous it's not thick chunky glitter its really fine and pearly, gives a beautiful glow.

SO all in all I love this product I would highly recommend this to all you ladies out there who are in need of a simple continuing kit. This is one of my favourite new releases and I think this will be a cult favourite for a lot of people!


Any questions, feel free to ask. See you all very soon! Goodbye!!:) xx

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