Monday, 11 January 2016

Sleek Make-up Gift Box Review!

Hi everyone! Hope everyone ok! Back over Christmas Sleek make-up brought out a couple of goodie boxes which included a variety of sleek products, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a box and I can't wait to show and review all the bits that were included. I love sleek and always I will, each of these products can be bought individually or if you keep your eyes peeled they also have some boxes. So here's what I got!

SO this is what the box looked like and it included four amazing goodies! This was the smaller box in the collection there was a bigger one too but I went for this one because I liked the look of the products.

PRODUCT 1. || i-Divine Palette in SUNSET 568 | £7.99 BUY HERE.

Here is my personal favourite from the box, I LOVE these palettes you have no idea how amazing they are in terms of packaging (slim, handy, amazing mirror!) and pigmentation (buttery, bright, great selection). The price of these blow me away I couldn't recommend this enough I haven't been able to put it down since I got it, and have been reaching for it over my higher end palettes!
Check out the selection of Sleek i-Divine Palettes at Superdrug here.

PRODUCT 2. || Gloss me Lip Gloss in Phoenix Rising | £4.99 BUY HERE
You can't go wrong with a lip gloss, and firstly I love the packaging! Really sleek matte lid and clear tube, and a really easy applicator, I hate it when the gloss is good but the applicator isnt so I was very happy to see that. The colour of the gloss is beautiful, it is deep and quite out there I will say that but I found it very build-able. It had a lot of shimmer in it, but it didn't dry patchy or have any clumps of glitter which is a bonus! I personally found it quite tricky to apply because of the formula and would actually choose to wear this over a lipstick rather than its own just because I think that is where it would look best.
Shop the whole range of sleek lipglosses here.

PRODUCT 3. || Eye and Cheek Palette in See you at Midnight 028 | £9.99 BUY HERE

Here was a product I was SO excited about, a palette which includes both eyeshadow and blusher! 
It includes: Antique Blush, Pomegranate Blush, and four eyeshadows from the Vintage Romance i-Divine palette.
All in all I think this is a great buy especially if your one who travells and doesn't want to carry much. Great size and handy sized mirror, only flips open 90 degrees though which can be a bit strange. It comes with two little applicators which aren't terrible and the pigmentation of the products are once again incredible. I particularly love the golden eye shadow, I found it doesn't crease if applied on a good base and is a great all over lid colour.
Shop the whole range of eye and cheek palettes here.

PRODUCT 4. || Blush in Antique | £4.99 here.

 The last product in the box was this blush which is actually the same blush that came in the eye and cheek palette above. Personally I love sleek blushers for their dinky packaging and highly pigmented formulas. I would describe this as a pinky brown with a tonne of glitter! Quite subtle but vertainly buildable, really excited to use this.
Shop the whole range of Sleek Blushers here.

SO all in all really happy with the box, I hope you guys like it too! If you have any questions, please leave them below id be happy to answer any, and until next time I hope you have a nice week. Love Annie:) xx

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